Ludell has over 65 years of experience in metal fabrication, design of standard and customized heat exchangers, engineering energy conservation & water systems. We manufacture to ASME specifications and have a staff of engineers to offer design assistance to our customers. Popular products for our industry are :

Waste Water Heat Recovery System - Shell and tube type heat        exchanger reclaims heat from the hot waste water. Energy costs        are reduced by preheating cold water used for the hot water                system.

Direct Contact Water Heaters - Large quantities of water are heated   instantly, stored, then pumped to processing equipment. The heater   is 99% efficient and constructed of stainless steel.
Stack Gas Heat Absorbers-Reclaims heat from the exhaust gas         from a boiler by transfering the energy to process water.
ASME Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels - ASME certified to   Section VIII, Division 1 and exchangers designed to TEMA                 standards.
  Ludell is a leader in Water System Design and Engineering,               specializing in products which reduce the cost of producing hot          water. 
Specialty Product :

•  ASME Code Pressure Vessels
•  ASME Code Tanks
•  Cold Water Storage Tank
•  Hot Water Storage Tank
•  Tempered Water Storage Tank
•  Reuse Water Storage Tank
•  Waste Water Storage Tank
•  Boiler Blowdown Storage Tank
•  Boiler Feedwater Tank
•  Boiler Blowdown Separator     
•  Boiler Deaerator Tank
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Ludell Manufacturing 

“Your Energy Conservation and Reclamation Company”
We save money for our customers by engineering equipment that:
• Conserves fuel through direct contact technology of efficiently heating         water.
• Conserves fuel through recovering heat from boiler exhaust gases.
• Conserves fuel and water through the collection of condensate for boiler      feed water.  
• Conserves fuel by reclaiming heat from waste water through heat                transfer technology. 
• Conserves fuel and water by reclaiming rinse water for washer reuse           water. 

Additional money saving opportunities provided by Ludell include:

• Reduction of on-site set up time and equipment installation by providing      factory pre-piped and pre-wired assemblies.
• Increased productivity by optimizing washer fill time and water supply         temperatures.
• Management of utility usage with the use of Total Energy Managing            Control System.
• Plant floor space conservation due to custom equipment configuration.

Benefits of conducting business with Ludell include:

• Reliability and Quality – Equipment is manufactured in our A.S.M.E.           code facility.
• Knowledge - Factory trained service technicians are available for start up,    training, and trouble shooting.
• Dependability and Design – Products are engineered for long life and          specifically for each customers unique requirements.
• Experience – Conducting business since 1948 allows a company to           distinguish itself as an industry leader.
• Commitment to Excellence – Our goal is to find innovative means to help    our customers reduce operating costs by effectively conserving fuel and      reclaim waste heat.
• Honesty - From your first sales contact with Ludell through engineering       designs and service support, the customer’s needs always come first.

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